Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Family Focus

For today I thought it would be pretty cool to fill you in on our LONG awaited Family Focus. Some of you may remember me mentioning a book from way back when called "The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family" by Patrick Lencioni. (http://www.amazon.com/Three-Big-Questions-Frantic-Family/dp/0787995320) I read it last fall and LOVED the book. But Adam and I just could not find the time and head space to put into practice what the book was discussing. Cool timing though because of how many changes have been coming up in the last couple months plus the added benefit of our decision to be purposeful with our 10 Anniversary. I guess God was just waiting for things to line up!!!

To recap the book, it basically poses three questions for every family.

1. What makes your family unique? (Core Values)

2. What is your family's top priority - rallying cry- right now? (What is the biggest thing that you are doing right now or need to be doing? (Renovations, creating financial stability, saving for something???)With in that create "Defining Objectives," the things that are vital to accomplishing that rally cry and "Standard Objectives," the day to day tasks that need to not be forgotten. )

3. How do you talk about and use the answers to these questions?

You should basically be able to put this all together within an hour. Lencioni says in my simplified words, not to make an enemy out of trying to perfect this process. Do it fast. He also writes about a 80/20 Rule. 80% of value of any endeavor comes from the first 20% of the work. We found that once we got the ball rolling it all came out super easy. Most of this stuff we have already discussed and thought about. We had just never put it into a format. All that to say have fun, get it down and make some plans!!!

To example I will use what we put down. :)

1. What makes our family unique? (We found it came out more closely as Core Values)

  • We are committed to go where God goes.
  • We are committed to the best result regardless of the road to it.
  • We are committed to building relationships with God, one another and the world. (Yes, it does sound familiar to anyone one who goes to Koinonia, we giggled after putting it down... we were trying put into words our thoughts... and well that is what came out naturally.)
2. What is our "Rallying Cry"? (6 mth timeline: now-September)
  • Bring into alignment: Vocation, Ministry and Family. 
  • Defining Objectives: Create focused efforts in all three areas (We have lots of details here, Such as prioritizing our church involvement,  Adam's work (create focus in purpose and future), setting up for  my home care job in the summer, and finally Family: getting ready for our new little addition. See how I just snuck that in here.)
  • Standard Objectives: Things we need to be sure not loose track of:  Bringing worship time into each day, accomplishing teaching Rayne to read, continue a healthy food lifestyle, nail down the budget. (there are few more... but you get the idea)
3. How are we going to use and answer these questions?
  • We prayed about and are putting action to our Defining Objectives.
  • Asked for feedback and advice from multiple different mentors in our lives.
  • Plan on coming back to this in one week, then connecting every 2-4 weeks. With each other and those who we are doing life with.

So that is how we put into action the three questions of this book. I am sooo thrilled with being able to have the time to do this. It is the first time since we have been married that we feel as if the future is clear. It has been a journey to get here. Each step has been an adventure and continues to be.

I am also so excited to hear from all of you. I would love to hear how you put family core values and future plans together. Or how these three questions have helped and encouraged you.

~Lord I thank you for the journey you are putting each of us on and I thank you for the lessons you allow us to go through in order to become more mature. I pray that we will all continue to learn how to become more purposeful with our time, our families and our future. May Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!!!~

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