Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Toddler Tuesday/Worship Wednesday: Genuine motherhood

Well I was away yesterday.. so Toddler Tuesday is a day late!!! But Instead of just omitting it... I'll just double up my entries today!!!

Pretty cool timing though...

I was thinking on what I wanted to talk about today for Toddler Tuesday and I had such a cool conversation with my sister - in - law yesterday that got my mind going again... about being a mom.

What does it mean to be a mom... what is my role... what pressures do I put on myself that are unrealistic, not my personality, and would go against the grain of being genuine.

Right up there with wanting my kids to know I love them ALWAYS and that I am never disappointed in them is... to be GENUINE!!!

I have often struggled with wearing the pressure of being everything for my kids. Mother, friend, playmate... The whole playmate thing has really bothered me... I didn't know how to get on their level and just play... and to be honest... I never really "played" as a child so to make the connection now is a bit tricky.

I remember telling Adam about how I was wrestling with the whole idea of being a mom that plays all day with the kids... and his response surprised me... "I have never asked you to be a mom that plays all day with the kids." That was a HUGE revelation... no he never has!! Yet, I have put such unrealistic expectations on myself for years... and only now have I asked the one person who's opinion is the closest to my heart??!! Adam reminding me that I have put an expectation on myself that he has never asked was sooo confusing.

It made me think... how many things have I been pushing and pressuring myself to be that isn't genuine to who I am... and God is watching me struggle saying (if I would only stop to listen) "My dear child, I have never asked you to DO any of that!!"

SO I am in FULL thought on all of this in the Car with Julia (my sister-in-law) and a song comes on... this is where Worship Wednesday comes in... :)

Jules may not have noticed... but... totally brought me to tears!!!

This is all God has asked us to be to our kids... the rest is icing on the cake!!!

~ Lord may my relationship with you  continue to grow in leaps and bounds!!! May  my children always see my desire to serve you everyday of my life! May they feel an abundance of love, joy and peace overflowing in my life!!! May my love for you shine so contagiously, that they will desire to follow my example!!!~

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