Monday, May 13, 2013

Meditation Monday: Life

I have been thinking on life lately.

Our church is going through a series called "What on Earth am I Here For?" By Rick Waren.

Such a cool reminder and reveler to the depths of what I am called to. So many simple and profound moments have been coming from the 40 day devotional and also from the Wednesday Night small groups.

But ... that's not quite what I am going to be spending time on...

Last week I had the privilege to attend a funeral for a dear friend of ours wife who passed away at the age of 29. My heart couldn't help but to pour out a deep overwhelming sorrow for his loss. I wasn't sure how to support him, or show him how much my husband and I loved him, other than to just be there standing beside him for a time, then to just hug him.

I also wasn't sure what to expect at the funeral. Heidi was so young. I anticipated a deep sense of pain and agonizing hurt. A spirit of heaviness. But I found myself in awe, the chapel was full of a peace. Tears ran down from every eye, but this sense of understanding and wealth of her life could be seen on every face. Although I could see the loss in her parents hearts, they seemed to be at rest. As I spoke to our friend and told him he was loved dearly, he gently and humbly thanked us for being there.

Heidi's life was one that was full of creativity, adventure and many tattoo's. Although I didn't know her well, the words spoken about her at the funeral brought so much clarity and beauty to the little bits that I had the privilege of getting to experience in person. She was not perfect and I am sure there are lots of funny and challenging stories that her parents, siblings, and husband could relay. But the thing that struck me the most was that within her short life, how much living she did experience. She did more in her lifetime to impact the many around her than most have the opportunity in the countless years they have before they are old and grey. She was found in many countries, mission trips, travels and teams like YWAM. Reading thoughts and memories and hearing from the hearts of those who knew her well, time and time again they spoke of the overflowing passion and love for Jesus and what he had done in her life. Followed so closely with her desire to make a difference for the downtrodden and the outcast, the poor and the broken.

I don't begin to try to understand why some are healed and live and why some dear spirits leave from us at such young ages.

But I have found myself being incredibly challenged with the life that Heidi had lived.

Am I living a life that is so incredibly full of purpose, that whenever my time comes, will those around me be able to say... She lived life to the fullest. She understood who she was and what God had called her to be. Would the words be written   "She fought the good fight, she has finished the race, she has kept the faith." (2 Timothy 4:7)

~May the life of this beautiful woman, stir my spirit to embrace who God has called me to be. May I never find myself taking for granted the years I am given. May I be found loving those around me to no end.~

To those dear friends who have lost this beautiful spirit. I love you. Thank you for sharing your lives and Heidi's life with those around you. Your strength and tenderness and peace through this has brought so much inspiration to my life. One life out of the countless I believe with all of my heart that has been impacted by your loss. I pray God's comfort will continue to bring you peace. I pray that her life continues to inspire you to a beautiful new understanding of your life. I pray that the tears of sorrow will slowly turn to joy that will bring you all strength.

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  1. Thank-you for sharing how Heidi's life has impacted your own. She and I shared so much in terms of the artistic leanings and she even inspired my first Tattoo! :) As her auntie I cannot express enough gratefulness to God that he allowed her to be with us for a couple of extra years. Peace to you.