Friday, May 3, 2013

Throw Back Thursday/Freedom Friday: Trust.

As I look back I can only marvel at the hand of God in my little families life. He has been so good!!! He has brought us through so many things, trials, heartache, bad decisions, hard work, sickness, the list goes on. I feel as I head into another new season of the unknown, I am looking back and reminding myself of all the things He has done.

I remember being overwhelmed with this young guy, 20 years old. I couldn't figure out why and how it is that God would have brought him on my path at such a unique time. A year and a half later from that point... I stood at the alter of the church with tears in my eyes thanking God for blessing me with my husband.

3 mths later, we look at this little "innocent" test and became speechless as we tried to fathom how God would trust a 19 and 21 year old with a precious life. As we celebrated months later our first anniversary, we looked at each other, then at our beautiful first baby girl, we were blown away with the blessing of becoming a family!

1 year later with another newborn in tow we looked into our empty fridge and empty pockets and became heart broken with the worry of how we would feed our family. That week we encountered miraculous provision, a box of food from our church, a young adult moving home from college giving us her "left over" never touched freezer full of meals. Then to just make a beautiful point God touched the heart of a family and they came over with a full list of groceries from cleaners, to shampoo, to fresh, pantry and freezer foods.

As another year went by, with 2 children and a desperate need for financial stability, we cried out for God to lead Adam to a new job. He then got a call from his grandfather. One day of work from that phone call became 1 year. Because of this job, full of many hours and hard work, we were able to facilitate our dream to move back to Kitchener.

The move to KW brought with it an incredible new church. Our striving, struggling lives connected with one of our greatest blessings to date, Koinonia Christian Fellowship. A church, full of humanity and imperfection, but with humility and faithfulness to live out what they preach. With longing hearts to learn we grew in so many areas!!! Then came the renewed desire in our heart to believe for more of what God wants out of our future.

Adam's passion grew from merely needing finances to needing meaning in his work. He cried out for clarity... God settled our spirit with the word of trust again. SOOO as we welcomed our third baby girl, we got a call from a brand new friend who offered a job and experience of a life time!!!

During this season we have had countless opportunities even as a couple for growth at a fast forwarded rate.

So much has happened since then. 2 more children, 2 of our very own homes and now a new bundle of joy to come... but through it all the consistent lesson that we have been taught is that life is a journey of trust and reliance on God. To embrace the "changes" in our plan and enjoy the path that God sets us on.

We are at a new cross roads again.. but as God has show us time after time... only when we trust in Him will the road to the future bring growth and blessing.

 As we continue to commit to our core family value... Lord we choose the best path regardless of the road to it... we rest in His confidence.

Today as I pair together Throw Back Thursday and Freedom Friday.

~I pray that we learn to let go of our plans and Trust that God is putting us on the right path to the blessing that He has set before us!!!~

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