Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writing with purpose!!!

As many of you may have noticed, I have been missing some days in the "schedule" of the blog.

I didn't quite expect the amount of things that would pop up out of the blue during this spring season that would take up so much energy and time.

Instead of choosing to overwhelm myself with personal expectation I believe I need to pause. I have said before my purpose for this blog is two fold. First, I don't desire to just write for the sake of writing but that my heart is to speak what God has been stirring within me. Then secondly, I desire for this to not just be a blog about me, but the hearts of the women around me with different view points, experiences and seasons of life.

I have been so excited time and time again with how God has used this small seemingly insignificant blog to encourage and inspire those who take the time to read. You all have been the sole reason for investing time to keep pressing on and becoming more real and transparent .

My heart for this blog is to be full of purpose. So I am calling out for some help and guidance from all of you. As I move forward praying for the leading of where to bring "Passionate Women," where are all of you at?

What have been the posts that inspired the most?
What have been the topics that have hit home?
What are some topics you would like to see included?
Would you like to see more guest post included in the future?

I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to comment here, message via Facebook, comment on the Facebook group page or email me at

Blessings friends.

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