Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fad of the BIG "M" - Modesty!!!

I saw this video on a young girls FB wall and felt compelled to share. But it didn't seem to do much justice merely re-posting the video on facebook because... well to be honest I simply didn't want to be judged with a message that has the potential to make me look like one of those fanatic christian "prudes." (....just being real...)

SO Wow!! This trend of modesty is seemingly becoming a "fad" big deal! With this one... shesh... did I ever get convicted and encouraged and... frustrated all at the same time. On one hand..  I find myself back in high school irritated that I am being told to embrace the responsibility of dressing modestly. Taking a moment to admit I was absolutely one of those teens who stuck my nose up in the air and believed, "so just don't look!!" And although my goal was to always keep "stuff" covered, I tell you most of what I wore was skin tight and included some pretty wild 4 inch heels. Which for the majority of my attire, showed off just as much if not more of my "perfectly" well matured 17 year old figure. To be real here... I enjoyed the attention. ugh. I know!! Super yucky!!!!!

Now with a momma figure, that is "blooming" with baby (and well a few too many late night cheeseburgers. ;) wink wink, don't judge until you've been I guess most of the time now I have more of a tendency to work my hardest to hide it... let alone flaunt it... but I do have that innate feeling of... wanting those moments back when you knew the whistle and cat call were directed at you.

Sooo that's the one, hand... now on the other... I am raising. 5!!! YES 5 WOMEN!!! (Possibly 6, only time will tell on that one... few more weeks baby... you may all just get to find out early... tehehehehe, oops getting side tracked) So being a mother of 5 growing and learning young ladies... do I ever have a huge ache in my heart to show them and teach them how to live in this society with modesty. To bring them up to be women with a stunning character, charm and beauty that shines bright... with out the need to flaunt the "figure" in order to gain the attention.

... I am a work in process as a woman and as a mother... but as I take time to think... and ponder and talk it out. As I watch these videos and get into the minds of others. I find myself slowly becoming more of the mother and teacher that I desire to be... and more importantly I find myself growing and maturing as a woman myself.

I was in a conversation recently with a good friend of mine who's husband from some people's perspective may be a little over the top with her on the modesty of her clothing. They have discussed in depth about lengths of skirts and heights of tops. For real!!! That conversation challenged me. Pretty amazing to work out in such detail something that really is that important, props to you guys!! (Side note.... Surround yourself with those people who challenge you!!! It's a love/hate internal feeling... but it's a really really good thing!!!)

So... I'll be the one to challenge you who have watched this and who are reading... Be CONVICTED!!! Lets take the time to actually work out these things... don't just pick up or put on that outfit because you look "hot" in it...
To all you young gals... yep... I am a talkin' to you too!!! Take the time to work it out... I say this often.. but I'll say it again... as I head into my 30th year .... IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!

Love you all again...

Thanks for reading my personal rant tonight.


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