Sunday, September 22, 2013

7 more weeks and counting down.

Up again...

Nights are seemingly becoming a challenge...

Which... if to think of the glass half full I am having precious time to think and reflect on "stuff"...

Some of which is silly... buying that diaper bag that I found on kijiji.... what I am going to be making for dinner.... and then... at times hitting a deeper level.

Before I found out I was pregnant I was on a mission to encourage every pregnant woman that I had the opportunity of crossing paths with. I had this burning desire to pass along a few incredible scriptures for those women to read through before or during labor. I didn't get to everyone... but I wanted to reach as many as I could with the Word. I wanted so dearly with the help of our God to pass along strength and encouragement during one of the most vulnerable states that a woman could find herself in.

.... Now I find myself in such a vulnerable state. Not because I am worried about the labor or birth... that seems to be something I don't have a hard time wrapping my head around. I am struggling to make my way through the pregnancy. There is nothing vitally wrong. No trauma or circumstances for concern. Baby is healthy. Things are progressing normally. It's just been a long season. For me the difficult part of pregnancy has been the 9 mths of morning sickness and although it seemed as though I might have been experiencing a release from nausea few months ago... it reared it's not nice head only a few weeks later. (Gives you such a respect for those who have long term health issues.)

There is nothing more precious then having the ability to bring another little life into the world. My words don't even begin to express the weight of how precious especially when I take a moment to reflect on so many dear friends where easily conceiving a child is an luxury that costs on so many deep levels. My burning heart cries out for those women to be able to experience the healing and blessing in the areas that they need it most.

I find it so much easier to pray for others experiences and believe for their healing and presence of the Holy Spirit in their moments of need.

Why is it that it is so much more difficult to believe it for myself. Should that not be the most natural thing. Hmmm....

Whatever area of vulnerability we find ourselves in God is only a hand away from being our comfort and support.

I am in need of reminding myself of that.

I praise you God for the blessing of this beautiful child and I ask for strength in these last weeks. 7 and counting down. May my focus stay locked on the positive. May my words bring healing to my body and take the focus off of the difficulties. May my eyes come off of myself and look up towards You the one who can give me the ability to walk out the last part of this pregnancy with grace. May I continue to focus on encouraging those around me. May my countenance become one of peace and reflective depth of Your hand in our lives through all circumstances.